Brick Wall in Springfield Ohio Made with Trash

Kenny Hendrick while still alive

Brick walls, Made with Trash

Dumped in my driveway were two very large dump-trailers full of masonry and dirt.

The debris came from a portion of building that was tore down in the City of Springfield.

...another man's blah blah is a whatever.

Hanging stuff on brick wall

Of the huge amount of debris, were salvaged 2 types of brick. As shown in this photo, most all were solid brick, with the exception of about 100 figure-8 slump-brick.

Debris from demolished Hospital in Springfield

Re-using old Solid Brick


It started out simple and without any plan.

I wasn't sure why I was even doing this in the first place.

Debris from demolished Hospital in Springfield

Trying to conjure up a reason for this creation, by the next afternoon it was clear.

...Vanquish the seat idea, vanquish the indoor Grill, vanquish a place to put dry sauna rock things (phhttt....yeah like I need a sauna in the garage, right?), vanquish a place to imprison the capitalists (it's just not large enough for the two monopolies that own our nation).

Will it be a place to hang Light-Art?

...a place to put the Firewood?

Lots of Firewood

...a porta-potty maybe?

Brick Porta-potty

...maybe a place to hang the reverse osmosis?

...a place to put this crappy mirror?

...maybe a place for homeless ghosts?

...Shelving, shoes, chickens?

SOMETHING will go in there!

Ghosts in Springfield

Dumb Idea with concrete

Then, I had one of my geriatric "brilliant" ideas to fill the box with concrete (don't ask).

But it dawned on me, *Look left; Ugly, concrete-filled thing

Not only is it ugly, but what an incredible waste of otherwise usable space!!!

So, I spent the rest of the evening digging it all back out.*Look right

Springfield Brick Seat Fail


Maybe a place to serve coffee?

Brick Masonry in Springfield Ohio

Using metal wall ties purchased at Lowes.

The less than 3/16"(of an inch) metal wall-ties are installed into the brick bed joints, and adhered to the studs through the drywall.

I am a photo of Brick meets drywall (with wall-ties)
One brick led to another...

and after a while, it sort of broke up the monotony of fighting off the internal terrorists

Brick Wing Walls and Corners

Laying the brick "on-end" avoided all the build-up of mortar that existed when the brick arrived on location. The excess mortar build-up caused the brick from being able to be installed in a normal fashion, which would be on their beds, rather than their faces (as seen in all the photos).

Springfield reclaimed brick

Springfield Ohio Brick

Aimlessly the brick were "dry-stacked" to get an idea whether or not the brick should be permanently installed using mortar.

Weep hole in brick to allow drainage

Hand-cleaning each and every brick was not an option.

Used brick laid on-end

Considering brick floor

Brick Floor

Springfield Garden Watermelon

When the mortar runs out, It's Watermelon Time

Fresh from the Garden!

It was a little early in the season for a ripe watermelon, this one will have to do.

Springfield Garden Watermelon

Okay, break's over.

Continue to learn more of What happens to the brick walls next?

Hello Springfield

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