'AT&T' Internet Provider communications Violations

A capitalist has not allegiance, 'cept for profit.

by Kenny Hendrick -- Rough Draft

Capitalist-collusion tactics against the Citizenry: The First Call of War is to Sever Communications

*Since they already have control of our communications, see step #2


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I would like to start this page with some historical information, an article that was written back in 2017.
Censorship is malicious

It is important to KNOW how we as a civilized evolved species came to be where we are in this post-2022 era.

Glance through the results of any search engine to find the criminal racket that has the "consumers" receiving less than a fair deal for the high prices of Internet Communications in America. Now that every major city and town is incorporated and under monopoly control, most cities in America are left with only one or two choices for Internet communications. This neo-form of profiteering leaves our Nation trapped and vulnerable.

As a follow-up to the old story shown above, the following is the end-result as seen by those in 2017, when corpo-interests crushed the ability for the average citizen to obtain potentially vital information, maybe to further invention to something better (we will now never know of a matter, and no longer have that hope to anything better. By law, we are imprisoned to "not know" of a matter.

Upper-class group

Wow, the power to squelch at the drop of a hat. Now that's power unbridled.

AT&T Monopoly forces the Citizenry to use only AT&T hardware.

Unlike the "other choice" for Internet Providers that simply deliver the internet to the end of the line or cable, AT&T demands that we must have their device in our homes (or they will not deliver the Internet).

The problem is that their hardware device is already documented as riddled with bugs and backdoors, and is hindering communications (and more).

Enter AT&T Monopoly

This is, to the best of my knowledge, a patent example of Profiteering and/or Racketeering. When only one monopoly, perhaps finding many of the "elected" officials receiving stocks as gifts, or already having stock in monopoly, the conflict of public and National interest is when that particular monopoly is the sole choice for communications to the Public.

Censorship ran amok in 2020, trampling the Constitution, and out-sourcing the attacks to effectuate an increase in monopoly profits.

My server's Logs show attacks I block daily. Primarily, the nuisances derived are from what appears to be google (Google owns the 66.249.x.x block), and included are attacks from Ip Blocks owned by Amazon, Spectrum, etc.

Terrorism is rightly-defined in the eye of the Beholder.

It is understood that it is a difficult task to turn down lobbyist money and favors; but in light of the fact that our Nation is in dire debt, perhaps the FCC is no longer there to protect our interests, and therefore no longer a necessary expediture that our Nation can afford.

Question: Do you know the amount of money that is claimed to finance the F.C.C.?
I'll answer for you, the answer is "NO".
When was the last time you heard of the FCC doing anything good for the population or the economy?

Not one solitary good memory comes to mind in reference to the legitimacy and need for the FCC in 2019. The American Communications were already controlled by another entity (also receiving an undisclosed and/or indeterminate amount of finances). So if the F.C.C. is a drain on our Nation's budget, and if power-elites such as AT&T can without recourse or remedy force us to accept their hacked device, then why can't we as a Nation trim the fat here?

Since the F.C.C. cannot force the monopolies to act lawfully (er, let me rephrase that, ETHICALLY, HUMANELY, AS A FELLOW AMERICAN as opposed to a disgustingly arrogant aloof parasitic self-indulging repulsive entity that is capitalizing on the rest of us to make itself so fat that clothes can no longer hide it's pathetic nakedness toward being pro-humanity), then let's hit the delete-button (and recoup a dollar for our Nation).

Performing a simple search on the Internet shows that there are two choices for Internet providers in my particular area of our Nation (not counting lagging satellite), and of our two choices for internet, are seen some of the worst reviews found in any other industry or company on the planet (not including the constantly-erased manipulated ratings for the myriad of courts of law), and yet nothing comes of the citizen opinion.

Censorship is malicious

Cut our Nation's losses by eliminating the "Consumer Protections Agencies" also?

The front is no longer offering a semblance of a working system.

Censorship surely is not the way to solving issues. Censorship only affords the capitalizers more un-hindered criminal activity, and time to plot their next magic trick in an effort to accrue more (substance, profit, material, another Judge, another Senator, some other Public Relations Group or member).

It's the difference between being told you are going to drown, and that your entire family tree and everyone you ever knew was also going to drown.

Typical errors with the AT&T Monopoly "Service"

With today's so-few choices in communications, like many others, I find myself between a rock and hardplace.

Yet still I must give the monopoly more money every month for the shoddy malicious service, more money than my entire electric bill!

The illusion of two whole choices for Internet in any community.

Why only two?

In modern times, a great many phones are SIP or Voip and have EVERYTHING to do with communications.

Censorship is malicious

Yet with the public outcry, seen are online accounts and reviews concerning the Internet moguls. These communications monopolies are home of the largest number of negative reviews on the planet, *second to only the legal system. *Which is no easy task because unlike the corporations that simply could care less how many 1-star negative views are heaped up against them, our legal system simply has the negative reviews erased. If you don't believe me, simply go to google maps and type in the name of your local court house. Notice the number of reviews are extremely low or non-existent (impossible since the courts affect so many citizens in a negative manner).

In the event that someone out there might come up with the bright idea to change Internet Providers, most of us cannot. I'm one of the lucky ones, there's another viable "choice" for Internet Providers in my area.

Been there, done that (thrice)

Here's the results of that idea, the notion that there are choices in America's present-day economically-strangled Nation:

It is possible to find some good in any given enemy on the planet but .... not the FCC?

In fact, the only thing I can remember of anything the FCC has accomplished is basically bad.

It's when the FCC decided to make the CB Radio conform to some new restrictions.

Then there was the incident when the FCC stuck a notice on my apartment door threatening to do something against me monetarily (yes, strong-arm extortion!) if I did not comply with the power stipulations they wrote into law back then.

When conducting a rudimentary series of traceroutes, more often than not the actual derivation of the sender is right here in America.

This is not to say it is you or I, the Americans, that are doing this activity. We all have our own lives to live. From my observations this is a very organized legal criminal activity by a group that is able to alter lives in their wake. This is a an entity with a job description (I seriously can tell the personalities of each shift!). Third shift is the devil. ";-)

Above is a screenshot of the errors I receive using AT&T.With today's so-few choices in communications, I'm between a rock and hardplace.Yet still must give the monopoly money every month for the shoddy malicious service.

The only choices allowed to the Citizenry in today's economically controlled (and economically centralized) market, are rotten eggs.

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